The tourist spots around the Imperial Palace.

The Imperial Palace area. Tourist spots. Travel. Japan. Tokyo.





The Kokyo is the Imperial Palace. As a traces in Edo castle of the Tokugawa shoguns, the castle gate, the stone wall, and the moat remain.


the castle gate

the stone wall

The remains of the Edo castle castle tower








       /The castle gate /The stone wall and the moat  /The remains of the Edo castle towe

The Imperial Palace area, Tourist spots. Travel. Japan. Tokyo. Famous-place list.

The Imperial Place

二重橋                    ・Nijyu-bashiThe Edo period (the 17-19th century) is a castle where a feudal lord usually resides of Tokugawa shoguns.Now, the Emper...

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Chidorigahuchi moat

千鳥ヶ淵&桜 Chidorigahuchi is known as a famous place of the cherry tree planted along the moat in the moat around the Imperial Palace.The best time to see of a c...

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Tokyo station/Maunouti town

東京駅 Tokyo Station is the front door of land.. Close, the open space and the Marunouchi town in front of the Imperial Palace are. The Marunouchi town has m...

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