The Tourist spots around Asakusa area

Asakusa Area. Tourist spots, Travel, Japan, Tokyo.

Sensoji Temple

Senso-ji Main Hall


I introduce the history and the famous place of the Asakusa area. Asakusa was developed as a temple town in Senso-ji (628-year construction). Nakamise St. is an approach from Kaminari-mon to Senso-ji, and a little more than 90 stores are located in a line with about 250 meters, and, even now It is active. In Senso-ji Temple, Hozomon Gate, Nitenmon Gate of the important cultural property of a country, Five-story pagoda about 50 meters high, etc. stand around Main Hall.


Senso-ji Temple

Five-story pagoda















/Kaminarimon Gate
/Five-story Pagoda
/Nakamise-dori shops



Asakusa Area. Tourist spots. Travel. Japan. Tokyo. Famous-place list.

Sensou-ji Temple

`@@ʂ /Hozommon GateSenso-ji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo, Hondo(Main Holl) was built in 645. Asakusa is a symbol of Tokyo. Nitenmon Gate of the im...

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Kamnarimon Gate/Nakamise-dori

/Kaminarimon GateKaminari-mon is a main gate to Senso-ji, and the huge paper lantern is hanging down from the gate. The height of it is 3.9 m and weig...

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`@@ /Denboin-doriDenboin-dori St. is a shopping street which can feel the atmosphere of Edo.

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Kappabashi Kitchenware Town

travel, trip, Japan, Tokyo, sightseeing, Fuji, mountain /Cooking pan shopKappabashi shopping street is a wholesale district dealing with cookware or a food sample, and is the No.1 food-preparation instrumen...

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